The Advantages of Cotton with Polyester Blend

May 24

Cotton fabrics are in use for hundreds of years because of the texture quality and breathability. Still, there are many disadvantages of using pure cotton fabric. To overcome all these problems, today cotton is blended with polyester. The polyester fabric has attained its popularity because of its smooth finish and tendency to get easily blend with other fabrics. So when cotton is blended with certain percentage of polyester, you get the best of both the fabrics and the end products is durable.

Though cotton is getting manufactured in all around the world for hundreds of years, polyester came into existence in the early days of 1050. DuPont was the place where Wallace Carothers and his team of research scientists were the people behind the discovery of polyester in 1930. DuPont were researching on the creation of artificial materials and doing extensive research for that. So, when Carothers team found about the strong polymer which can be converted in to a fabric, they did some test and the end result was nylon. Because of this discovery, research of polyester was set aside and no development process was took place. But, later on a group of British scientists took the notes of Carothers and developed it and later on filed patent on their name.

With the invention of polyester, many problems related to cotton fabrics were resolved in no time. Cotton fabric have good absorbing quality but this has a side effect. Due to this, the fabric wrinkles easily. Also cotton losses the color and shape if washed roughly. But, when the cotton is mixed with polyester, the fabric is able to retain its color and shape even after going through various wash treatments.

Polly cotton is now attain its popularity in the garment and home accessories industry. Because of its durability, many companies are ordering for polyester cotton to create garments and bed sheets with pillow cases. The fabric has breathability and is easy to maintain. 

Polly cotton can be blended as per the requirements. In most of the cases the cotton poly mix is done by keeping 51% of cotton and 49% of polyester. This is a standard version and is used in manufacturing bed sheets and pillow cases. A mix of 65% of polyester and 35% of cotton is used to make durable blankets. With a good quality of poly cotton, variety of items like, spots wear like track suits, t-shirts, hooded sweat shirts and denim wears can be created.

So, whenever you are going for shopping and want a fabric that is durable, have breathability and comfortable to your skin, try opting for cotton polyester mix fabric. 

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