In the earlier days of setting up our business, we entered the textile industry as a trading company. The company mainly traded Yarn products at the start and later started the manufacturing unit and export business. Even today, Sujata Synthetics Ltd. runs the trading business providing high quality and precisely tested products to many clients both in the domestic and global market. 


Products We Trade in Sujata Synthetics Ltd. 


  • PET Chips

PET Chips are widely used in the Textile industry and is most commonly known as Textile Grade PET chips. These textile grade PET Chips are mainly used for making Polyester Filament Yarn like PTY, FDY and Staple Fibre which are widely used in the Textile Industry. 

The Yarn Grade or the Textile Grade of PET Chips are available in Super Bright (BR Chips), Semi Dull (SD Chips), Cationic Semi Dull and Cationic Super Bright PET Chips (CD Chips). At Sujata Synthetics, we trade about 16000 tons of PET chips on a monthly basis. 

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  • PTA & MEG

Purified Terephthalic Acid (PTA) and MEG are preferred raw materials to make Polyester. PTA is mainly utilized in manufacturing polyester products along with MEG which is an important dehydrating agent, good humectants and an industrial solvent. 

Both PTA and MEG should be given utmost care when it comes to storage and packaging to distribute to different centers. At Sujata Synthetics Ltd, we successfully trade about 3000-4500 tons of these products on a monthly basis. 

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  • Industrial Yarns

Sujata Synthetics Ltd. is one of the leading suppliers for Industrial yarns which can be used to produce various products. We trade about 4500 tons of Industrial yarns every month. 

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