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Sujata Synthetics Ltd. is one of the leading Polyester Yarn Manufacturing Company based in Surat, India. We are the prominent leaders in manufacturing quality Polyester Yarn which we supply to our valuable clients worldwide. Our team started the journey as a trading company and today we have grown into a full-fledged enterprise where our production, supply and trading units deliver quality service to our customers.

At Sujata Synthetics Ltd, we produce quality polyester yarns such as Satin Rat Tail Cords (Malai Dori), Sewing Threads, Polyester Filament Yarn, Polyester Multiply Yarn and Fancy Yarn. With a team of highly qualified labor force and international standard machines, we manufacture all these products with precise measurements, great strength and best quality that takes us one step ahead from other companies in the Yarn Industry.

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100% Quality Assurance

Nothing sells better than a quality product. And we understand this sales mantra very well at Sujata Synthetics Ltd. We believe in the concept that Quality Products always have an upper hand on Quantity Products.

Sewing Thread

Sewing threads as the name describes are used in the sewing or knitting tasks on traveling bags, shoes and fish nets. There are different types of Sewing Threads available in the market. Among which, Polyester Sewing Threads are very popular because of its durability.

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Satin Chord

Satin cords are made from soft fabrics which are smooth on the top portion and rough on the bottom part. Few years back satin cords were made of silk and final product were used to be too expensive to buy. But today they are made from Polyester Filament Yarn. At Sujata Synthetics

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Multiply Yarn

Sujata Synthetics brings out a flawless range of Polyester Multiply Yarn which is made by using high quality raw material and build with utmost quality control techniques. Polyester Multiply Yarn Threads are comprehensively used in carpet industries and also for manufacturing various home based products.

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PolyesterFilament Yarn

Polyester filament yarn has made its name in the textile industry and it has many applications today. Polymerized yarn which is textured is the demand of the day. We at Sujata Synthetics being aware of such a demand in the industry supply high quality polyester filament yarn (PFY) at the most reasonable rates.

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