Our Strength

Sujata Synthetics Ltd. as a company is driven by Espirit de Corps, where the management, employees and our vendors put their hard work and efforts in producing a better product. The continuous urge to bring improvement in quality, develop new customers and target virgin markets actually sums up as the pure strength of our company to be a success today.

Being said that we can’t forget the full support from our technical staff, which played a very significant role in getting us where we stand today, backed by our excellent quality control principles.

Another most important factor that helped in the success of the company is our vigilant vendor selection process. We have from the start valued quality over profitability and would continue to do so in the future. We believe in providing our customers a bag full of quality with advance pricing mechanism and support systems.

Sujata Synthetics Ltd (Multiple Products Division) is our first effort under the Transformation Strategy of the company. This new division is our first step towards increasing the industrial chain, and is also the Hatcher of new competitive business. The Multiple Products Division will contribute to the core business for Sujata Synthetics Ltd in the future by expanding its Industrial chain. The future development strategy of the company, as we believe, lies in innovating new distribution channels for products which have lesser durability, high consumption level, and mono or semi monopolistic values in terms of availability.

It’s the globalization era and we as a company are looking forward to the challenge and working on innovation of operation and management. As a part of the future development of the company, we will extend both our upstream and downstream, build up strategic alliance on products of papers, chemicals, dyestuffs, agro-chemicals, plastics and rubber. Taking trade as its priority, R&D as its support, logistics as its service chain, we will also make our efforts to set up stable, sustainable, unique operation mode, while carrying out the strategy of changing from trade agent to a firm of marketing and trade services, so as to pursue continuously better achievements.


We do connect with our customers on social networks to understand their needs better.