Malai Dori (Satin cord), as the name suggests is a soft yarn, and is used widely in making carpets in several countries.  These cords are mildly rough at the bottom while they are extremely soft at the top. We, at Sujata Synthetics Ltd., make conscious attempts to have satin cords with high lustre, since it helps in giving a shinier and softer feel. The constituent and machinery used in processing this yarn is of supreme quality. The final product is dispatched for delivery only after our highly qualified and skilled technicians have done the quality check process at the lab, and have approved it.


Since it is a very soft yarn, it can be used in a variety of things other than carpets. Sujata Synthetics Ltd. is one of the major suppliers of Malai Dori. We value our customers, their requirements and hence continually endeavour to offer them products, a little beyond their expectations.


Nature of Yarn

Denier / Filament of Yarn

Ply Available

100% Polyester FDY

300 D 96 F

300*2*8 / 300*2*7 / 300*2*7 etc.

With & without lurex


Packing: Wound on Plain End Spiral Tubes

Cone Weight: 2.5 Kg's

Cone Dimensions: 75 Ø X 280 Mm

Pallet Dimension: 1118 Mm X 1118 Mn (20 Pallets 20000 Kg's / 40" HQ)

Note: Denier and / or Ply can be made as per requirement.

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