With a wholehearted faith in the basic idea of 'keeping it clean and green', we at Sujata Synthetics Limited have left no stones unturned in preserving the environment in its finest form. Our planning and efforts to arrange for raw material that leaves behind zero residual matter and our commitment to have a completely environment friendly manufacturing process has paid off pretty well for both, the ecosystem as well as the value chain. Of the multiple measures taken to serve the purpose the most important is using Dope-Dyeing technology to produce the yarn. This process saves unreal amounts of water and uses the bare minimum amount of energy and chemicals. It also brings down the CO2 emissions. And the list of benefits doesn’t end here. The yarns so achieved are of superior quality, more durable and have better colours than the yarns achieved from other techniques. Just by using the Mater Batch to achieve the coloured yarns, we have succeeded in considerably reducing the wastage and pollution from our end.


We are still open to every idea and process that helps and motivates us to do better for the environment. Our prime focus is growth and customer satisfaction but we also make it a point to be absolutely certain that our profit doesn’t happen at the cost of any harm to the eco system. For our firm, a carpet of lush green grass holds as much importance as shaggy carpet of softness and luxury. Keeping chemical processes perfectly in tune with nature is what has helped us grow into a trustworthy  name in the international fabrics markets.

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