We, at Sujata Synthetics Ltd., process micro yarn in various deniers. Micro yarn brings colour brilliance to the end product. It is majorly used in low pile carpets. Pile is the visible wear surface of carpet consisting of yarn tufts in loop and /or cut configuration. Low Pile carpet has a flat appearance and is made by tightly weaving yarn together, so less chances of individual component being visible. Low Pile carpet yarn is easy to clean since the carpet is closer to the carpet padding, leaving less space for the dirt to settle. Micro Yarn is processed using the finest processing machines and methods at Sujata Synthetics Ltd., which ensure unparalleled quality with optimum usage of raw materials.


Nature of Yarn

Denier / Filament of Yarn

Ply Available

100% Polyester DTY

150 D 144 F

150*2*4 / 150*2*8


Packing: Wound on Plain End Spiral Tubes

Cone Weight: 2.0 Kg's

Cone Dimensions: 75 Ø X 280 Mm

Pallet Dimension: 1118 Mm X 1118 Mm (20 Pallets 20000 Kg's / 40" HQ)

Note: Denier and / or Ply can be made as per requirement.

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