Corporate Vision

Our Vision

Sujata Synthetics Ltd. Is driven by the vision to exhilarate our valued customers by putting our efforts in reinventing and rediscovering the products we produce, so that our customers can always have an edge over others.

It is with this vision and the support of our valued customers and ever helping employees we gain strength to predict or better say visualize the future of the company’s progress in the long run.

Our Mission

The company is progressing further with a mission to become the front runner as a quality Yarn Producing company in the Global Textile Industry. We are stepping up to provide end to end solutions to our clients when it comes to trading as well as manufacturing and exporting all our Yarn products globally. We aim to give the maximum value to our customers so we become their first choice when it comes to purchase Yarn products like Sewing Threads (Raw White / Dope dyed / Batch Dyed), Satin Cords (Malai Dori), Dyed Multiply Polyester Yarn etc.

We believe in stretching ourselves, challenge our limits and go beyond them. We try to inspire each other daily to develop that driving force that gets us closer to our mission. We also believe that, as time changes, one must evolve in their thinking. Hence we always develop our skills and adapt to the latest technology to deliver better products to our customers.

Each of the milestones we reach inspires us to focus on tomorrow in terms of new possibilities. After each milestone, we are again ready for a new beginning towards the next milestone.

We also brought in cutting edge technologies that will cater to the best interests of our customers and investors and we are always looking forward to the latest technologies available in the industry. We believe that the technology can be one of the major factors to help us complete our mission.

Be innovative not only to invent new technology but also to fulfill the ever- changing needs of society and environment.

Sujata Synthetics Ltd. is amongst the most efficient textile companies in textile industry.


As a company we strive:-

  • To excel in our core areas of competence i.e. trading, manufacturing and exporting of yarn products.
  • To uphold and nature the values of transparency, empowerment, accountability, independent monitoring and environmental consciousness.
  • To keep our customer on the highest priority, provide them the best services and give them 100% customer satisfaction and support.
  • To develop new varieties of yarn.
  • To upgrade production facilities and technology continuously.
  • To grow globally through cost competitiveness and excellence in quality.
  • To fulfill the aspiration of customers, employees, financers and of the society in general.
  • To recruit and retain skilled manpower, reward superior performance.
  • To maximize shareholder`s wealth through good corporate Governance.


We believe that with the help and support from our valued customer base, our hard working employees and our investors, we can cover all the milestones on the way to reach our mission.

We do connect with our customers on social networks to understand their needs better.