High Bulk Yarn is a high demand product. This Yarn is processed in a slightly different manner than others. It is processed through a form of shrinkage. High Bulk Yarn is manufactured by an amalgamation of low shrink fibre with polyester filament yarn having shrinkage of 20%-30%. After high shrinkage process on carpet, the high shrinkage yarn is truncated noticeably while low shrinkage yarn shows no major changes.


The entire process of loading, Combining, heating and making the final product a soft, fluffy bulky yarn is done at our unit, using highly automated machines with least human invention. Sujata Synthetics ltd. Promise nothing less than the best with the modern machinery and extremely trained technical staff. We respect our customers faith and confidence in us a brand, and constantly work towards getting better


Nature of Yarn

Denier / Filament of Yarn

Ply Available

100% Polyester FDY

300 D 96 F

300*2*8 / 300*2*5 / 300*2*4

With & without lurex

100% Polyester DTY

300 D 96 F

300*2*3 / 300*3*3 / 300*3 Direct


Packing: Wound on Plain End Spiral Tubes

Cone Weight: 2.5 Kg's

Cone Dimensions: 75 Ø X 280 Mm

Pallet Dimension: 1118 Mm X 1118 Mn (20 Pallets 20000 Kg's / 40" HQ)

Note: Denier and / or Ply can be made as per requirement.

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